Social Security


Have you or someone you know been turned down for Social Security Disability. Sadly, this is all too common an occurrence. At David Jones, P.A., we know how frustrating it can be to get denied for the benefits that you need. Our staff has a wealth of experience in Social Security Disability law and has years of experience handling a variety of disability cases.

In the United States, most disabled people are denied on average twice before ever receiving disability. The sad fact is, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is often the only choice the disabled have to get the benefits they desperately need. Our Attorneys are the best option when it comes to fighting on your behalf for the disability benefits you need.

We deal with the Social Security Administration for you so you don.t have to. We take the unnecessary stress out of your life and handle the whole process for you. We handle each and every client like family and we strive to make the quality of your life better.

David Jones, P.A., has handled countless Social Security Disability cases and we know what has to be done to win client.s cases. Our team will gather all the necessary evidence and medical records as quickly as possible in order to speed up what is a very slow process.

Social Security claims are a lengthy process which may involve several denials and time sensitive issues. David Jones, P.A., will stand by you.

Social Security is a complex system and our job is to make your life a little simpler by assisting you through this process. If you have been denied for Social Security or you think that you may be eligible, feel free to stop by or call our office to talk with one of our Attorneys about your case. Our Attorneys are more than willing to help explain the process to you and to assist you in your case. Remember, if you can't make it to us, then we can meet you at your convenience.